Uttarakhand Women’s Bike rally

Uttarakhand Women’s Bike Rally 2021 (2nd Edition)

Organized By – Trikon Society
Powered By Thrill Zone
Register at https://www.townscript.com/e/uk-bike-rally-2021
Cash Prizes Will be announced soon
An initiative to celebrate the essence of being a woman and break the stereotype by involving as many women as possible. The motive is to appreciate and acknowledge their efforts. We would love to see women on the front!
Trikon Society is organizing the second edition of Women’s Bike Rally in Uttarakhand powered by Thrill Zone.
At present, women empowerment has become a crucial issue. This is because now the world is witnessing an increasing number of women uprisings. Today women are playing an active role in every domain of life, be it political, social or economical. But this is just the one side of the story. Though women participation is increasing yet this is not uniform for all women in our country. Women are still subjected to various types of oppression. The crime committed against women are at all time high. Sexual harassment has become extremely common these days. And it is the woman who is expected to remain quite and tolerate injustice. Our aim through this event is to to promote Adventure tourism of Uttarakhand
We invite all women participants to come and get themselves registered for Uttarakhand Women’s Bike Rally 2021 and help us spread our message.
Below are the important details of the event.
Event name -Uttarakhand Women’s Bike Rally 2021
Starting Point – CM House, Dehradun
Finish Point – Doon Heritage School, Baronwala, Dehradun Uttarakhand
Date 7th March 2021
Total Participants – 100 Bikes (200 Participants on first come first serve basis)
Note – All two-wheelers are allowed- Bike, activa etc, 1 Rider and 1 navigator for 1 bike, Rider should be female and Navigator/Guide can be male or female
Reporting Time  7:30 AM at CM House, Dehradun
For more information please call Rohit on 8859677783 or email us on contact@thrillzone.in
Wishing you all the best to all the Participants
We hereby make an application to participate in the Meet and certify that the particulars of my vehicle as given in the Entry Form are correct, that we have read the Supplementary Regulations issued by the Organizers for the Event and agree to be bound by them. I am fully conversant with the risks associated with motorsport in general and the ‘UTTARAKHAND WOMEN’S BIKE RALLY 2020’ specifically. I accept that this event is potentially dangerous and user’s tracks that involve risk- presented as an off-road challenge. I understand that Participation in the ‘UTTARAKHAND WOMENS’S BIKE RALLY 2020’ specifically can lead to injury even leading up to death as a result of my participation and we accept these risks completely and indemnify the organizers in the following para against any claim made whatsoever .
Who can participate in event?
Only females can participate.

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Event Detail

March 7, 2021 7:30 am
March 7, 2021 2:00 pm
CM House Dehradun Uttarakhand


Organized By Trikon Society Powered By Thrill Zone
The event is being organized by Trikon Society and Powered By Thrill Zone