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Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting

“Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting.”

-Napoleon Hill

Mr. Masood, a fashion photographer aged 40 years proved these words right. When advised by a colleague to quit the Run, he refused and continued running till the end stating “I want to add a zero to my ten.”
A man who spends his mornings on the shoot, who rarely gets time to invest in his fitness, has created a revolution by covering a distance of 100 km within 20 hours. When asked- “What did you aim while doing the same?” Mr. Masood stated that he had no intention to win the Run but to take the opportunity and take it as a challenge. He further stated to have the desire of realizing the pain and stress a runner goes through while performing on the tracks. He was as excited as a person is while walking on the ramp and so thrilled that he didn’t sleep for more than a couple of hours the night before.

After spending 9 years in England when he came back to India he had no pals. By the initiative of Indian Flag Runner & MTV in 2016, the first event he participated in was a 7.5 km Run where he met new people. Being a social animal Mr. Masood discovered these events as a chance to meet people, build a social life, and started attending events in Dehradun as well.

The initial 60 km were not a big deal but later he started to feel strain in his ankles as well as in his right leg. When the last 6 km were left he felt fatigued; it was his family and friends’ presence who kept him going continuously from four in the morning to almost midnight.

Mr. Masood has set an example for everyone out there that even if an ordinary person pushes himself to his extent they can reach heights of success that they have never imagined.