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About Us

Thrill Zone

Thrill Zone is the brainchild of P.C. Kushwaha and its official roots are in Dehradun. The main aim of Thrill Zone is to promote a fit and healthy lifestyle.

It was established in 2014 and has been in operation since then. Team Thrill Zone executed 100+ events, we at Thrill Zone have made our presence felt across the nation and promoted the cause of healthy living. After successfully organizing running events in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Pune, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Chandigarh among others, our organization is now a Pan India organization.

Our work includes organizing solo as well as partnership events (marathons, Cyclothon & any Fitness Events). We have also collaborated with government organizations. Dehradun Half-Marathon, Punjab Half-Marathon, Thrill Zone Mumbai Half Marathon, Uttarakhand Half Marathon, Lucknow Half Marathon, Thrill zone Run (Delhi), MTB Dehradun, Kathgodam Half-Marathon are a few of our successfully implemented events.

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To provide quality services to our participants, we make sure that we are joined by only the best and most trusted brands in organizing sports events.

Our events are Sponsored by 100+ PAN India companies, we exert utmost efforts to establish a great long-term relationship with them. We provide benefits to our sponsors in the form of promotions on event days, on social media, and on the radio. We help them in increasing their brand awareness and also offer them naming rights. With the help of a dedicated team and committed team members, we are able to provide quality results to the participants and sponsors.

Thrill Zone as an organization is zealous towards its goals of renewing the importance and role of sports in general and running in particular.


Team Thrill Zone

Tom Peters once said, “True leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders”. These words truly define P. C. Kushwaha, leader of Team Thrill Zone. A man of high reputation and strong principles, P. C. Kushwaha is a leader in the true sense. He is very passionate about his work and is extremely dedicated to his goals. He treats his teammates as equals rather than subordinates and always acknowledges their efforts with due respect.

A great leader inspires and creates a great team. The team of Thrill Zone is tremendously supportive of their leader as well as to each other. Though the team is diverse, there is great unity and co-operation between the members. There is strong communication between the members and their work is well organized.


Each team member displays great commitment and persistence towards their mutual goals and contributes their fair share towards the work. Their honesty, positivity, and confidence are contagious. They are meticulous about details and have strong multitasking abilities. Each one of them is greatly knowledgeable about his field and yet highly adaptable to the need of the hour as well. They embrace new challenges, refuse to give up after temporary setbacks, and are really resilient. Every day of work with such a qualified and dedicated team is like a new adventure. The productivity of the team increases due to the positive attitude and perseverance of each team member. The rapport between them is based on authenticity. Each and every one of them is a valuable asset to the organization.

The team produces outstanding results even when working under pressure. This is because they have a great love for the work they do. They enjoy the process and also have fun along the way. These reliable team members are the pillars of Thrill Zone and the pride of its founder.